Mighty Kong Bran Muffins!

Mighty Kong Muffins is leaving their current production facility
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The Original, Healthy Jungle Bran Muffins!

After You Try One of Our Muffins, We Think You Will Agree That They are Truly “Gorillalicious®”!

For your listening pleasure:
The Mighty Kong Song:

By J. Stax

Mighty Kong Muffins are gourmet bran muffins handcrafted in small batches by the loving hands of artisans intent on making only the finest products.

We use only the highest quality wheat and oat brans, and absolutely NO flour. In addition, we use only fresh fruits and nuts and a high grade dark chocolate. There are NO preservatives or artificial ingredients used in our muffins.

Since we do not use flour in our muffins, they are NOT cake-like in appearance, texture, or taste.

Each 2.5 ounce Mighty Kong Muffin will satisfy your need for a healthy, nutritious, delicious muffin that is filling yet low in calories.

More Than 20 Delicious Flavors Available!

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Willie Approved!

Approved by the
Universal Jungle
Bran Muffin Council!

JBMC Seal of Approval

100%, NO, & LOW!

No Flour — All Bran.

NO Artificial Ingredients.
NO Preservatives.
NO Trans Fats.

Low Fat.
Low Cholesterol.
Low Carb.


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