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There are Many Delicious Mighty Kong Bran Muffins to Choose From!

NEW! Willie's Sample Packs

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New! Willie’s Choice Sample Pack. You never know what you’re gonna get! (Except that it will be 6 delicious n’ tasty bran muffins.)

Each order = 6 muffins.

Supermarket Kongs

Our most popular flavors, now packaged and available soon at your local grocery store. Ask for ’em!

Each order = 6 muffins.

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Willie's Originals

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Where it all started – The Original Jungle Bran Muffin – First created sometime in 1998! Four flavors to choose from.

Each order = 6 muffins.

Other Varieties

Everybody has their favorite – it’s probably listed here. 15 different, delicious flavors!

Each order = 6 muffins.

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