“All muffins are not created equal!” Our goal at Mighty Kong Muffins® is to consistently deliver a delicious bran muffin that is crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside that is a dessert-type treat , yet still a very healthy food.

There is no sacred bakery mandate that dictates that muffins must have the consistency of particle board or crumble in your mouth (and all over your lap) like a stale taco shell when you take a bite. In addition, there is no reason muffins must be loaded with ingredients that have hard to pronounce “chemical” sounding names. Healthy muffins come from natural ingredients that are skillfully combined to produce good taste with good nutrition.

All of our muffins are low in cholesterol, low fat, with no trans fats (the Eye Opener has a small amount of saturated fat), and low in carbohydrates. They are high in fiber and protein. Our muffins are bran muffins with no flour added and no artificial ingredients (flavorings, colorings, etc), preservatives or anything else with names that are not easily pronounced.

Since Mighty Kong Muffins do not contain any preservatives, they should be frozen in plastic “freezer bags” if not consumed within 2-3 days of receipt from our bakery. The muffins are ready to eat in approximately 20-30 seconds when wrapped in a paper towel/napkin and heated in a microwave.