Mighty Kong Muffins are Simply Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious.

GORILLALICIOUS® is an adjective that describes the taste of bran muffins whose natural ingredients are carefully blended and baked at the Mighty Kong Bakery ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, the health conscious consumer. Mighty Kong Muffins take you back to nature so you have no need for special dictionaries or chemical reference books to look up the meaning and side effects of artificial ingredients or preservatives disguised as real, healthy, nutritious food.

Many bran muffin lovers, young and old, LOVE Mighty Kong Muffins. Why you ask? It’s because these muffins deliver an upbeat, chest-beating, “junglely” energy level experience.

Mighty Kong Muffins are powerful food that give you an immediate BOOST to get you through the morning or afternoon. These muffins contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are low carbohydrate, low or no fat(no trans fats), a good source of protein and a great source of healthy fiber. Finally, these muffins are thought by many to have a “dessert level” taste due to the awesome “junglely” combinations of fresh fruits and walnuts (available without nuts too). There are also several muffins that combine dark chocolate with fresh fruit and walnuts and still deliver very healthy nutrition numbers.