Back in the Sixty’s…

Back in the 1960s, before tailgating (at home or at stadium parking lots) became an art form, many sports fans watched their favorite teams on television and enjoyed various types of breakfast and lunch foods while rooting on their teams.

Birthplace: San Francisco

In the winter of 1966 during a particularly hard fought battle between the Los Angeles Rams and the Green Bay Packers, the birth of the first Mighty Kong Muffin took place in a residential kitchen in San Francisco. The original recipe was a patchwork of ingredients from various “Mom’s” family recipes. These muffins were tasty but not yet in a class with today’s Mighty Kong muffins.

Battle Tested

Since 1966, Mighty Kong Muffins have been improved and “battle tested” in the urban/suburban “jungles” of Northern California. What started out as a “quick fix” for a small group of hungry football fans quickly became a healthy breakfast and snack alternative popular with many adults and youngsters.

For your listening pleasure: The Mighty Kong Song:

By J. Stax


Mighty Kong Muffins are simply healthy, nutritious and delicious.

GORILLALICIOUS® is an adjective that describes the the taste of bran muffins whose natural ingredients are carefully blended and baked at the Mighty Kong Bakery ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, the health conscious consumer. Mighty Kong Muffins take you back to nature so you have no need for special dictionaries or chemical reference books to look up the meaning and side effects of artificial ingredients or preservatives disguised as real, healthy, nutritious food.

A Young Primate Favorite

Many young primates, and particularly those of the homo sapiens persuasion, LOVE Mighty Kong Muffins. Why you ask? It’s because these muffins deliver an upbeat, chest-beating, “junglely” energy level experience without the necessity of flossing bark, leaves and other heavy cellulose fiber from between your teeth.

UJBMC Seal of ApprovalThe Real Deal

Mighty Kong Muffins provide great satisfaction to true bran muffin lovers who only want the real deal. They are baked daily in the “urban/suburban ovens” at our Mighty Kong Bakery. The bakery is located in beautiful Sacramento, California (aka Sacratomato, Kallifornia). The street address is 3701 Stockton Blvd which is located on the imaginary boundary between Oak Park (urban) and Tahoe Park (suburban); hence, our urban/suburban location description.

Get an Immediate Boost!

  • Mighty Kong Muffins are powerful food that give you an immediate BOOST to get you through the morning or afternoon.
  • These muffins contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • They are low carbohydrate, low or no fat (no trans fats), a good source of protein and a great source of healthy fiber.
  • Finally, these muffins are thought by many to have a “dessert level” taste due to the awesome “junglely” combinations of fresh fruits and walnuts (available without nuts too).

There are also several muffins that combine chocolate with fresh fruit and walnuts and still deliver very healthy nutrition numbers.